Electronics Swap

I love technology and electronics. But I am at a point where I have an iPad, an Android tablet, a Kindle Paperwhite, and an iPhone. So when it comes to mobile technology, I am all set. When a new tablet hits the market, I can’t help but to want it.

Right now all of our electronics work fine and support the latest technology. So there is really no reason to upgrade especially since we are saving money for Gen Con later this year. My husband did buy a Kindle Fire HDX a few months back, and I have to admit that I was envious. I do have the first generation Kindle Fire and loved it even though its flaws drove me crazy.

Lately my husband has been using my Android tablet more. Today I proposed that we swap electronics for a while or permanently. He agreed so now I get to play with the latest Fire and he gets to use an Android tablet he enjoys.

That is the beauty of living with someone who loves tech as much as you. You can swap electronics when you want to try something new.

Losing Email in Gmail

emailI love having a Gmail account. It means I never have to delete email since I will never ( or at least it will take a long time) use it all of my allotted space. Since I never cull email, I always have to use the search function to find emails that have fallen off the mail page.

Today I was looking for login information to a website. When I searched for the website name, no login results were displayed. I then remembered the login details were actually sent from a third party domain but could not recall it. But thank goodness Gmail does some emailing prioritizing on its own.

Since I knew the time frame when I created the account, I browsed through the important emails folder – which is way smaller than the general inbox. The important emails are ones actually sent to me, so I was able to find my login information pretty easily. Something so simple and yet I had never thought of it before.

Most Interesting Thing I learned today – September 4

Over the course of 24 hours I usually learn something. Sometimes it may be something like what twerking means or how to get dirt stains out of the carpet. While both of those items might be equally fascinating in the moment I learned it, I will use the dirt stain information more than twerking. So here I have decided that each day I will post the most interesting thing I learned today with the goal of learning something cool each day.

Today I learned a cool way to keep track of your time. Having worked from home, I always wanted to keep track of how much time I spent on tasks. There are programs that will help you log your time but really all you need is Notepad.

Open Notepad and type on the first line .LOG. Then save the file. The next time you open the document, Windows will put the timestamp on a new line. Voila! An easy way to track your time and it is already on your computer! Plus it’s always fun to do a cool trick with your computer and who knew that something cool could be done with Notepad? Well, apparently Lifehacker did because that is where I learned about it. But still. It’s a neat way to track your time, won’t cost a dime, or cause you to install/learn any software.

A New Beginning

I started this blog in 2007 as a blog for household tips and reviews of cool, geeky stuff that I liked. Somewhere along the way, this blog became very eclectic and try as I might, I just could not bring a focus back to all the different categories and posts. I mean when you’re MISC category has the most posts with 193 there is something wrong.

So after contemplating for a while, I’ve decided a clean slate is the best way to go. It is hard just to wipe away 6 years of posts but it is for the best.
The good news is that I do not have to worry if I have posted a subject before. I still plan to discuss household tips, geeky news (on occasion), and organization tips.

It may take a while to get a lot of content built up but hopefully it will be focused, informative, and enjoyable. Stay tuned.